Azeus Convene Software Review

Effective meetings are pre-planned meetings that have a clear structure and are organized according to clearly defined parameters. With Azeus Convene software you can do it. The article is an overview of the software.

What is Azeus Convene Software?

Azeus Convene is a multifunctional meeting management software. The board portal saves time and effort in preparing for the meeting, as well as simplifies the entire negotiation process.

The platform will be of interest to employees of administrative blocks, referents and executive assistants who ensure the effectiveness of meetings between bosses and clients or colleagues. The system encrypts the documents used, which creates additional security for a business of any direction.

At the preparation stage, the system offers to create an agenda, attach documents to it, invite participants to the feed and send out invitations with notifications and reminders. The meeting can be scheduled either once or regularly. During the meeting, navigation through the files is available through the preview, an element of the laser pointer, and the launch of a remote meeting from the administrator’s computer. After the meeting, you can send out overviews of past meetings and summaries of the meeting, download personalized and general annotations. The meeting package can be compiled into PDF format. The platform offers to assign access rights to discussions and chats to specific individuals or groups.

Transparent employee interaction in Azeus Convene board portal

The software is a perfect tool for providing interaction between board members:

  • Collaboration is organized through the submission of tasks and the execution of tasks both within and outside of processes. The task is posed to one or several performers, the terms and essence of the work are indicated, the necessary attachments are added, for example, electronic documents.
  • Employees will not forget about the task – it is displayed in their inbox, and the system reminds them of upcoming deadlines. The initiator fully controls the process – he sees the correspondence and the history of changes in the attached documents.
  • Upon completion of the work, the initiator receives a control task with the results and a response from the executor. If necessary, the task can be sent for revision.

Software advantages

If you decide to try the Azeus Convene board portal, you will get the following advantages:

  • Saving working time. You will spend less time searching for the information you need. The business processes of the company will also be accelerated, which will have a positive effect on the work of the organization. It will become easier and more convenient for employees to communicate, all work will take place online.
  • Optimization of business processes. Several employees can work on one document at the same time. They will be able to track each other’s actions and correct them at the right time of work. The execution time of the assigned tasks will be reduced several times. And, it is very important that in the absence of an employee at the workplace, he will always be able to go online and start work, for instance to create board meeting agenda.
  • Improving management decisions. There is an opportunity in groups to create, discuss, adjust general plans. Thus, the result of the users’ work will be as transparent as possible.
  • The efficiency of the work of the employees will increase. Each person working in the Azeus Convene board portal will be able to track the actions of their colleagues. Knowledge will be transferred from employee to employee and, over time, will form a certain algorithm of actions.