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Social media is bad for your health, your productivity, and your democracy.

Sites like Twitter and Facebook have caused untold damage to humanity. Spreding hate and dangerous lies, rigging elections, and generally just being a drag. All while making thier founders powerful billionaires.

The most obvious way to fight twitter and facebook, is to quit, and to convince other people to quit.

How qwitter bot works #

Qwitter bot finds people who are on the cusp of leaving twitter. Then sends those people instructions on how to quit, and some encouraging words.

It's pretty simple. It finds tweets with phrases like “how do I leave twitter” or “I need to delete twitter” Then replies to those tweets.

It’s impossible to say how many people quit twitter after receiving a message. Once they quit their tweets disappeared. But other accounts sent tweets like “oh no, @trollboi69 quit because of that stupid robot.” So it definitely worked.


After a year of nudging people to quit, the twitter police shut qwitter bot down. I’m surprised it took them that long! I’ll try to get it up and running again in the future.

29 Jul 20
29 Jul 20
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